Loyalty Card

The Schmidt’s Loyalty Card lets you earn points when you purchase, and redeem those points for discounts and other rewards. Here’s how it works:

1. The Schmidt’s Loyalty Card is free – just ask any of our staff for a card. At this time we can only look up your account from the number on the card, so don’t lose it! We don’t ask for any of your personal information, but that also means we have no way to look you up by phone number, name, email address or anything else.

2. Every time you make a purchase you earn points. Just give us your card when you check out. Here’s the schedule for earning points:

Spend less than $10: Earn 10 points
Spend $10.00 to $24.99: Earn 20 points
Spend $25 or more: Earn 40 points

3. Our standard rewards are percentages off a single purchase. Here’s the schedule for redeeming points for percentage off:

Redeem 300 points: Get 10% off one purchase
Redeem 500 points: Get 15% off one purchase
Redeem 700 points: Get 20% off one purchase

4. The standard schedules given above are always available, but from time to time we’ll also have special offers for earning points, and special rewards you can use them on.

5. There’s always fine print, but not much. Here it is: Points never expire. Points have no cash value. You cannot use points on the same purchase where you earn them. You cannot use rewards to buy gift cards or sale merchandise. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.